Program Thursday, August 12, 2010AHS Membersí Show-n-Tell Session

Itís YOUR turn! Itís time to share those fun facts, stories, or recipes. This is one of our most popular meetings

each year where we have the opportunity to thrill our neighbor and friends. Our August program is our

annual Share Meeting Ė and itís all about YOU! Come share a story, article, recipe or little known fact. This meeting is

always fun and I guarantee you will learn something new along the way! Remember those Monday mornings back in

grade school when everyone stood up front of the class and showed something and explained it to the rest of the class?

Everyone had something wonderfully different and interesting. These days, we probably have different things to show

off, but we also have a really terrific audience for that. Our membership has brought everything from books, recipes and

samples from kitchens to favorite garden tools (old and lovingly cared for), bat houses and tuffa pots to photo graphs,

ideas on recycling, information on unique garden supplies and the like.

Members whose last name begins with A-F are asked to bring a snack for the hospitality

table. Donít forget to bring the recipe to share. AND donít forget to meet and greet any

visitors or new members and show them around.

Weíre in the San Antonio Garden Center, located on the corner of Funston and N. New