Organic Gardening Recipes from Bruce Deuley

Garlic Pepper Tea
A natural pest repellent another recipe

1 head Garlic
2 Habanero Peppers
Fill blender with water, until half full.
Puree, until soupy
Strain (can use  pantyhose or muslin filter, etc.)
Mix juice with additional water to make a 1 gallon container of concentrate.

Use 1 1/2 cups of concentrate to 1 gallon of water. Spray on plants, grass etc.


Making Compost Tea

Materials needed:

5-gallon bucket with lid

Pump with 2 outlets (30-60 gallon aquarium pump works fine) to provide oxygen.

2 one-inch synthetic aquarium-type air stones (used to make lots of bubbles); use 2 one-inch air stones inside the ‘tea bag’)

2 five-inch synthetic aquarium- type air stones (use 2 five-inch stones on the bottom of the bucket).

2 t-valves (to split air between the stones, use plastic or brass valves)

 A couple feet of plastic tubing sized to fit T-valves and air stones

Paint strainer bag.  (The’ tea bag’) and 2 feet of string.


Assembly instructions

Drill 2 holes in side of bucket a few inches from the top.  Large enough for tubing to fit. through the holes.

Drill hole in the top of the lid (to run a string tied to the‘tea bag’, so that bag does not lie on the bottom of the bucket).

Use one T-valve to connect the 2 one-inch air stones for placement inside the ‘tea bag’.

Use one T-valve to connect the 2 5-inch air stones in the bucket.

Connect both stone tube configurations to the 2-outlet pump.


Fill the paint strainer bag with a compost mixture.  Fill the bucket with water.  Place the larger, 5inch stone configuration on the bottom of the bucket and add the tea bag filled with compost and the other 2 smaller stone configuration.  Plug in the pump and look for vigorous water movement in the bucket.  Tie string to ‘tea-bag’ and and suspend in bucket, making sure the bag floats and does not settle on the bottom of bucket.

Put the lid on the bucket, set the pump on the lid, and let the tea brew for 6-8 hours.  Remove the tea bag and attach the tube that was running the tea bag air stones to one of the 2 ling air stones, and use the other tube to run the other air stone.  Continue to brew the tea for an additional 16-20 hours. Do not brew longer than 36 hours.   Use immediately. Do not store under any circumstance.  If tea is kept in a closed container tea may develop pressure and burst container.


The five-gallon compost tea maker will produce approx. 4 gallons to tea.  Sufficient to cover approximately 10,000 square feet.

Source: Bruce Deuley.  For more information about compost tea, and complete instructions with photos on how to make your own compost tea brewer, visit the website: or