The November 9, 2006 Meeting of the San Antonio Herb Society

Novemberís speakers were Brian and Elise Montgomery(right) of Texas Farm to Table Cafť at 312 Pearl Parkway Bld. 2, Ste. 201 San Antonio, TX.  This new innovative San Antonio restaurant has been featured in the Texas Country Reporter television show.     Brian and Elise treated members with a lesson on basic knife skillsÖ. how to chop, mince, and dice our herbs for best flavor efforts in recipes in addition to knife skill instructions for dealing with meat.  As an additional treat, Brian and Elise spiced their presentation with recipe suggestions using Scented Geraniums, the 2006 Herb of the Year, as well as for other herbs currently in season. 



Novemberís meeting was notable for several reasons.  In addition to the Memberís Art and Craft sales, we also held the 1st SAHS Silent Auction.  SAHS received many fine donations for the silent auction across all price ranges and donation typesóprofessional services, gift certificates, books, paintings, crafts, etc.  SAHS extends a sincere and heartfelt Thank-you to all the donors.  Your contributions greatly enhanced the eveningís enjoyment, as well as SAHS coffers!  But the Silent Auction was not the only opportunity to make purchases and prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  The booths in the Memberís Art and Craft Sale provided additional buying incentive as well as ideas for the upcoming holidays.  You had to be Scrooge himself not to enjoy the evening!



SAHS president, Carol-lee Fisher, is looking for a co-chair to help with Decemberís banquet.  The banquet takes a lot of work to accomplish and multiple opportunities to help or show off your talents are available.  Entertainers and entertainment ideas are needed.  Volunteers to prepare the room before the banquet as well as volunteers to help clean-up after the banquet are needed.  Members who have volunteered to decorate the tables are reminded to arrive early in order that the tables may be decorated before general membership arrival.  If you can help, contact Carol-Lee Fisher, (210) 681-6815. 

Diane Lewis announced that SAHS cleared $841.00 from its participation in the Aggie Park Herb Sale last month.  Outstanding!!  Since SAHS volunteers also manned the Herb Society T-shirt booth, the SAHS booth fee was waived.  SAHS only had to pay for the administrative fees associated with participation at the sale.  But the most important factors for our great success this year were the volunteers and the dishes prepared from the SAHS cookbook.  The samples from the cookbook greatly increased the number of cookbooks sold.  Many new members also joined the SAHS at the event. 



During Novemberís meeting we enjoyed the company of numerous guests and new members.  Welcome all.  SAHS is a diverse group with members who have been with the society for decades as well as those for whom the November meeting was their first.  Please, donít be shy.  Strike-up a conversation with the person next to you.  Everyone has herbs in common, a great conversation starter. 

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