Join us for the March meeting when we will be treated to a cooking presentation by chefs Rene Maldonado and

Charles Harzman from Here's To Yum Bistro. Chefs Rene and Charles opened their restaurant on Broadway a few months

ago and if you have not been there yet, you are missing out on a wonderful treat. Their focus is fresh, healthful eating with

many recipes featuring fresh herbs. And do not look for sodas here - you will find instead refreshing and crisp agua fresca

and teas. The program will feature some of the recipes from their menu and is sure to be as entertaining as it will be informational.

They will also talk about what makes their restaurant unique in San Antonio.

Don’t miss the chance to discover creative culinary uses for fresh herbs presented by two charming and knowledgeable

chefs, Rene Maldonado and Charles Harzman, from Here’s to Yum Bistro!.

The appetizer tables open at 6:30pm. Those whose names begin A thru F, please bring a finger food

(with recipe) to share. We’re in the San Antonio Garden Center, located on the corner of Funston and

N. New Braunfels.