Here's to Horseradish and Eileen!

Want to know anything about horseradish? We had the expert at the January meeting on Thursday night. Eileen Achorn, lived, cooked, breathed , lectured and extolled this amazing Herb of the Year. And she also unveiled a wonderful horseradish booklet, the latest publication for the Herb Society in a series of individual Herbs of the Year. This one has over 30 recipes featuring horseradish and has a full color cover .

It was a fun and well-attended meeting - here are some photos, click on a pic to enlarge

Horseradish in everything - almost . . .

What a herbal spread

Excellent horseradish appetizers examples from Eileen

Great audience

Voila! The new book!

Eileen is the Horseradish Goddess

Try these - they are wonderful

Coconut macaroons - no horseradish

Horseradish applesauce - delicious!

A large piece of the root - very mild smell

This has been in the ground for four months

Bill shakes dirt from the potted plant

It's a brave woman who tries raw horseradish!

Two bowls to test for hotness

Diane wins the Big Daddy Horseradish

The popular new booklet-pretty!

Chopped horseradish

Eileen autographs her book

Horseradish mustard on pretzels

A prized horseradish root as a door prize