Go Green!

Would you like to receive the SAHS newsletter, La Yerba Buena, on line at our website each month? Here are some benefits for becoming a Green Member once you join the Herb Society:


  • You will get to read the newsletter on line via email notification even before it is sent to the printer

  • You can copy and save recipes and articles electronically on your own computer, either all or in part, and print them out if you wish

  • All photos are in color in the on line version of La Yerba Buena

  • You will receive other updates via email, such as speaker notes, handouts, and occasional herbal tips that are not generally available to other members

  • On line publications are environmentally friendly

  • Most of all, all of the saved postage and printing costs go back into the SAHS budget for funding even more outstanding programs!

 If you are not yet a Green Member but would like to be, please send your name and email address to Webmaster Lyn Belisle at belisle@satx.rr.com.

Sign up to be a Green Member today and save a tree (or herb), save postage, and save SAHS resources!

Pass the word!