Program Thursday, May 12, 2011
Savor the “Scents of Spring” Member Banquet

Do you swoon for Spearmint or do you ogle the oregano? Are you tempted with thyme or do you pine for
peppermint or (ok, just one more…) bask in the basil? Join us this year for our May Banquet—“Scents of Spring” to celebrate
some herbs that are delightfully fragrant and (of course) grow well in our area. We'll have each of the dining tables set to show off
one of the featured herbs, so come ready to savor your favorite flavor!
We'll have our usual business meeting to hear reports on some recent events in which SAHS participated and VOTE on next
year's Board of officers. We'll pause to feast on the many and varied delicacies provided by you, then Jean Dukes will give a
short presentation on the essential oils derived from these favorite plants and talk a bit about their therapeutic uses to round out
the evening. Plan to stay to the end!! You might be surprised.
As usual, this banquet is open to MEMBERS ONLY (+ spouse, significant other or guest). Members' names beginning A-L
please bring a MAIN DISH, SIDE DISH OR SALAD; M-Z please bring an APPETIZER OR DESSERT. Please prepare your dish
to use/feature any of these herbs: Rosemary, Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Oregano, Marjoram, or Basil.
Stumped for an idea? You could go check your copy of the fast disappearing SAHS cookbook... Be sure to bring your recipe, or
better yet, email it to our newsletter editor, Joe-Beth Kirkpatrick (
Please bring enough food for at least 12 servings (or more!) of your dish. We'll open the appetizer tables at 6:30pm sharp.
If you’re bringing an appetizer, please bring that a bit before 6:30 so we can sample your fare during our
fellowship time.
Come ready to have fun visiting with your Herb Society friends and experiencing the “Scents of Spring”!
We’re in the San Antonio Garden Center, located on the corner of Funston and N. New Braunfels.