If you have a particular area of interest, we probably have a SIG (Special Interest Group) for you.  Call or E-mail the SIG leader indicated for more information. or click here to check the Yerba Buena Online for the latest information - leaders and membership in SIGS often change or evolve. Have a new idea for a SIG? Share it by starting your own group! Any member may start an appropriately herbal SIG if there is interest and support.

Weed and Gloat Team - A lively group of SAHS members, we meet on the last Monday morning of the month (9.30 am - 10.30 am, 8.30 am - 9.30 am during the hot months) to weed, plant and GLOAT at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens Herb Garden. Great opportunity to learn about herb lore, planting and harvesting. Afterwards, we sometimes walk around the SABot Gardens, check out what is new, or eat lunch. A couple of times a year, we celebrate with a picnic at the SABot Garden with other volunteers, hosted by the SABot Gdn. For information on how to join us, call Lenore Miranda at 253-777-2979

Herbal Craft SIG - Members of this group meet on the third Saturday at 10:00. Leaders - Sandra Lyssy 210-659-5561 or Rebecca Kary 210-843-0598

Culinary SIG - Members of this SIG meet for informal herbal potlucks and recipe sharing. Full.

Culinary SIG II - Members of this SIG meet for informal herbal potlucks and recipe sharing. Openings! Leader: Grace Emery (210-875-6919)

Aromatherapy SIG - Leader: Jean Dukes - this group discusses the helpful essential oils.

Texas Natural Living SIG - discussions of all things herbal - field trips! Leader: Marilyn Nyhus

Mad Hatters SIG - Members meet irregularly for formal Tea Parties, hats optional but encouraged. Leader - Linda Barker

Healthy Living with Herbs SIG - This group works with the nutritional and herbal interactions with the human body. There is no diagnosing or treating of illness


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