Very Cool Meeting in March

Program Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cool Off! Cooling Herbal Wipes and More

Welcome to Deb Bolner Prost of Cool Off™ cooling wipes and a daughter of the Bolner family (keep reading). Born and raised in San Antonio, Prost grew up around her parents’ family business, Bolner’s Fiesta Spices, which sells its packaged herbs and spices in most of the lower 48. This proximity certainly nudged her own entrepreneurial spirit. Certainly this also gave her a knowledge of herbs that would later be a major factor in the creation of a new product -- one born of necessity. The Cool Off™ web site information says a wipe is infused with natural ingredients that include cooling herbs, plant botanicals and essential oils, all with a clean, fresh scent, so it soothes and moisturizes skin as it provides instant and long-lasting relief from the heat.

So how does one take an idea to product form? According to a report from a recent San Antonio Woman magazine issue, Prost and four friends put their heads together and got to work. Among the group, their experience and strengths in engineering, graphic design, marketing, research and events promotion gave them skills needed to bring this idea to fruition. Prost herself is a marketing research specialist whose skills were certainly pivotal in bringing this new idea to the retail arena. According to Prost, the friends spent about three years doing research and development marketing work, along with a little kitchen chemistry, while drawing from her background and interests in natural healing and nutrition. As an aside, she is currently about halfway through her graduate work for a master’s degree in nutrition at Incarnate Word. She's so busy with the new product that she's taking a little hiatus from school. Prost and her friends did all their prep by the business book: the research, going to trade shows, talking to contract manufacturers and doing marketing research. They wanted to make sure there was indeed a market for this product. Already, Cool Off is on the shelves of many major stores in several states.

Members whose names begin with N-S are asked to come a little early and bring a treat for the hospitality table. Once you are settled, come back to the front door and help greet everyone—a great way to learn names! Don’t forget to bring the recipe for publication in the newsletter. We’re in the San Antonio Garden Center, located on the corner of Funston and N. New Braunfels.