All About Roses at SAHS

Master Rosarian Ed Bradley kicked off the meeting with a comprehensive lecture and Q&A on growing roses in our region. Jean Dukes explained the romantic and mysterious properties of essential oil of rose, and Diane Lewis delighted our noses and tummies with rose-based food and drink.

Thanks, everyone, for a fabulous February Rose Festival!

Paul Fisher and Mike Belisle share refreshments and swap stories before the meeting

The shrimp may not be rose based, but they went quickly

Jean's essential oil display was beautiful and educational

Just a part of Diane's display of culinary uses for roses

Edible, delicious rose petal scones


And a rose syrup beverage that was amazing

The Library Ladies from our Central Library discussed the SAHS partnership with the city's Big Read program: ( l. to r.)Teresa Jensen, Brooke Ballard and Diana Lynn Sarrett

Jean Dukes passed around a card with one precious drop of rose essential oil - the drop perfumed the entire room

Diane mixes her rose syrup drink to share with the audience

Club soda made it fresh, cold and fizzy

Presenter Ed Bradley and his lovely wife

Rose treats - who knew you could really eat a rose?