Share the Warmth at the 2011 Members' Holiday Banquet

It is always such a joy to be a part of this wonderful group of herb lovers and enthusiasts right here in
San Antonio! Our membership runs the gamut of ages and interests. We have gardeners, culinary artists, crafters,
healers of all sorts, aromatherapists, teachers, accountants, lawyers and the list goes on. You’ve got to know that the conversation
around any of our dinner tables must be entertaining AND informative even when we’re not trying! With all that in
mind, WHY would you miss this great opportunity to partake of a fabulous meal with the best dinner companions ever?
The theme for this evening will be “Simple and Elegant.”
In this hurry-scurry and worrisome world, let's take time to slow down and appreciate simple beauty;
take time to appreciate each other.
Especially in this season of renewal, take time to celebrate and renew those friendships; take time to make new friends.
Mike Belisle is cooking up one turkey; SAHS is providing beverages, cutlery, paper goods and basic condiments.
Members please bring these dishes: A-F, appetizer; G-M, sides; N-S, entrée-type dish, T-Z, dessert.
Be sure to provide a name card (and recipe) for the dish you bring.

The Holly and the Ivy by pianist and composer Chad Lawson