Robbi Will from Antique Rose Emporium in April


What is organic and uses little water while giving you scents and textures for your garden path?

And who isn't ready to pick up your spade and head outside to refresh those garden beds? Before you get too carried away, join us in April when Robbi Will from Antique Rose Emporium talks about using herbs as ground covers. Now it the time to replace those tired and dead plants that did not make it through the drought, winter freezes and winds. Robbi will be here to give you ideas of some different ways to use herbs in your landscaping.

Also on tap for April: the candidates for the next Board for the herb society will be presented. The slate will be finalized and voted upon during the May meeting.

The appetizer tables open at 6:30pm. Those whose names begin G thru M, please bring a finger food (with recipe) to share. We’re in the San Antonio Garden Center, located on the corner of Funston and N. New Braunfels.