Ancient, Versatile and Unique - That's Dill!

Thanks, Joe-Beth, for a delicious and informative July SAHS program!

Youíve seen it, smelled it and tasted it dry, but have you enjoyed it fresh? Dill freshly washed and snipped from the plants in your garden have a fragrance and taste that canít be beat. Joe-Beth Kirkpatrick shared some historical tidbits collected during her research about dill. Did you know that dill seed was thopught to repel witches? that is was chewed to depressed the appetite by soldiers on long treks? And that it's the perfect partner for lemon in Greek dishes? Lyn Belisle shared a bit of information about the essential oil of dill - not all hers produce good essential oils, but dill does, and the oil is fragrant, healing and relaxing.


Fabulous refreshments featuring DILL

Nathan and Rebecca catch up during social time

Some of Joe-Beth's extensive dill research material and the pamphlet she designed for the SAHS


A dilly of a presenter!

Lyn gives free sniffs of essential oil of dill

The herb itself, basis for tonight's talk and featured recipe samples