Valentine's Day Program Brings Romance

Jean Dukes Explains the Sensual Essential Oils

Aromatherapist Jean Dukes captured the hearts of her audience with her Valentine's Day presentation on sensual essential oils. Her hints on creating a romantic atmosphere were inspiring. She passed around samples of each oil as she explained their uses and effects on the body and the emotions. Among the formulas that she shared were these two:

Inamorato (A Man's Valentines Day Aroma)

2 drop coriander EO
2 drops lime EO
4 drops sandalwood EO

Inamorata (A Woman's Valentines Day Perfume)

3 drop bergamot EO
2 drops jasmine EO
3 drops sandalwood EO

Thanks, Jean for a fun and fascinating evening - all or us came away with lots of romantic ideas!